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Sex is Great….. But there is no Sex like Vacation Sex

Sex is Great….. But there is no Sex like Vacation Sex

You have all heard people say it before, if you have never been on a vacation, you do not understand what they mean. Hopefully you have, because if not, you are missing out on half the excitement this world has to offer. Sex is great, all the time, anytime, any place, but there is something about Vacation Sex that takes sex and sexuality to a whole other level.

Vacation sex

The greatest gift this universe has given to mankind is pleasure in the form of sex. If we should really sit down and analyze what is the root of everything we do, and have done to this point in our lives, somewhere along the line, there is some connection to sex. Unfortunately, due to the everyday struggles of the regular world, high stress load accumulated from; work, debt, relationships and other everyday bullshit, the quality and quantity of the sexual relationships, shared amongst the average couple, has fallen below a couple times a week.

Life and the daily grind becomes such a routine that, the sex amongst couples becomes just as boring and routine as their daily lives. For some couples, the only end up having sex because they realize it is Thursday and they haven’t had sex since Sunday and if they do not have sex tonight, somebody is going to think somebody is cheating, or in the case of the females, “he does not find me attractive anymore.”

The real truth is, it is hard to leave a stressful day at work, come home to the kids getting in trouble at schools, spend your entire paycheck in paying bills online, then get in bed and be horny. This is where vacation sex comes in.

Vacation sex is better than make-up-sex, it is better than a wet-dream and it is definitely better than your scheduled Wednesday night ten thirty sex. When the world and all it’s distractions and barriers are taken away from you, when you are planted on a beautiful tropical island with great weather, beautiful beaches and exotic looking people, there is something about that ambience that kicks the hormones into overdrive.

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What’s better than sex on the beach, right after midnight when you have had a few drinks, the night is warm, the stars are out, the ocean waves are calm and soothing and there is nobody there but you and your partner, free as a bird to enjoy that magical moment. What is better than being in a hotel room, not worrying about the kids hearing you, not worrying about your boss calling you to come into work, not worrying about what time you have to wake up in the morning, you certainly do not care about your neighbors that you do not know, just the same way they do not give a damn about you. Vacation sex is blissful.

On vacation, when you have eaten all you can eat, when you drank all you can drink and when you have tanned all you can tan, sex is the only thing left to do. Vacation sex does not have a specific time of day. Vacation sex does not have a time limit. Vacation sex does not have a specific volume. Vacation sex is the way sex was meant to be, without boundaries or limitation.

Sex by the pool, sex on the beach. Sex in the room, sex in the gardens. Sex in the afternoon because you are tired of tanning, sex in the night because you are drunk and horny, and sex when you wake up because the sex last night was great. There is no sex like Vacation Sex.

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