Sexy, Open-Minded Festival - SOF

Sexy, Open-Minded Festival - SOF, the creator of some of the hottest adult themed destination parties in the world, is excited to introduce our latest and highly anticipated event “Sexy Open-minded Festival” (S.O.F). We will be bringing self-expression, freedom, creativity and entertainment to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world, and we are inviting you to be there with us.

 Our first event will be hosted at Hedonism II resort in Negril, Jamaica, and you can expect to enjoy the most liberating and stimulating atmosphere you have ever been a part of. Our entertainment and features will include luxurious tropical excursions, out-of-the-box theme parties, creative performers and seminars and most importantly, an environment where everyone and anyone can feel free to let go of inhibitions and embrace the feeling of real freedom.

Book your spot now to be apart of the mind-blowing and life-altering event. Your package includes all the items listed in our itinerary plus accommodations, food, drinks, alcohol and a week in paradise.

  •   Time Activity DESCRIPTION  
      10:30 AM Crack Of Dawn - Clothing Optional Booze Cruise

    What better way to spend your first day in the Caribbean at an SOF event than partying first thing in the morning butt-ass-naked (If you choose) on a party cruise out on the beautiful Caribbean Sea.



      10:30 PM Electro Lights - Glow Party

    Enjoy amazing EDM and House Music played by our feature DJ, while glowing under the beautiful stars on a warm Caribbean Summer Night.

    Saturday 30th Jun 2018
  •   Time Activity DESCRIPTION  
      07:09 PM Beer For BreakFast (Brunch Party)


    Wake up to a cold One! We will serve it with eggs and delicious Caribbean style Bar-B-Que, topped off with incredible music, games and way too much fun!

      04:00 PM Wet N Wild Happy Hour


    Wet T Shirt Content, Booty Shaking, Shots, Music, Water…. Don’t Need To Say More.

      10:30 PM PJ’s & Pasties


    Ladies come out in your cool, fun and sexy pasties and guys wear your PJs and lets party some more. 

    Sunday 1st Jul 2018
  •   Time Activity DESCRIPTION  
      03:30 PM Mardi Crawl

    Let’s get your Mardi Gras outfits on, your beads and your drink cups because we are about to crash every bar on the 7 Mile Beach Strip In Negril Jamaica. 



      10:30 PM Electro Foam


    EDM and A Foam Pit. Do I have to say more!!

      12:00 AM Nude Pool Skinny Dipping

    Let's get naked after midnight and continue the party in the Nude Pool and Hot Tub

    Monday 2nd Jul 2018
  •   Time Activity DESCRIPTION  
      04:00 PM Colour Fest


    Get dirty and crazy during a wild afternoon of paint wars, mud wrestling and sexy games and music. 

      10:00 PM Bon Fire Beach Party

    Close an amazing week off with a sexy party on the beach under the stars, dancing around a large bonfire. 



    Tuesday 3rd Jul 2018
  •   Time Activity DESCRIPTION  
      10:30 PM Bikinis & Cocktails Welcome Party

    Every good party starts with alcohol and since we are in the tropics we want to welcome you to SOF by asking you to wear your bikinis and come get drunk with us. 

    Wednesday 4th Jul 2018


Hedonism II

About Hedonism
A Hedonism II vacation is not for the faint of heart but ideal for the open-minded and the free-spirited. Located on the 7 Mile Beach strip in beautiful Negril Jamaica, Hedonism II is an adult only resort that offers clothing optional or nude facilities. One of the first resorts of it’s kind; Hedonism is famous worldwide for its wild adult themed parties, night time entertainment, and nude beach games. Though there are a few other resorts that now offers a similar type atmosphere as Hedonism II, this adult playground is still considered by many to be the top clothing optional resorts in the world, especially for those seeking more than just a sunny beach location to lay out and sunbathe naked.

The Resort
Hedonism II is a 280-room beachfront resort, located in the famous resort town, Negril, about one hour away from the Donald Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay Jamaica (MBJ). The resort is divided into two sections known as the “Nude” or “Prude” side. On the nude side, being naked is mandatory, and this is where you will find most of the resort's guests during the daytime. The Prude Side is the much larger but quieter side of the resort, and this is where you can hang out if you are too shy to be naked. Hedonism Resort features three speciality restaurants, five bars, including a piano bar, five pools, the main buffet dining area that also serves as the main stage for the nightly entertainment, a nightclub, six tennis courts, a spa and a lovely fitness centre. If you are into watersports, Hedonism offers a wide variety of watersports activities from sailing on the 3 hour Catamaran cruise to Scuba Diving. Hedonism II is an all-inclusive resort so once you have paid for your accommodations, all your meals, alcohol, drinks and the use of the resort's amenities are included, except for spa services. The resort also offers free WIFI in some areas.

Who Can Go
Hedonism II allows couples and singles over the age of 21 years old. The resort normally has about 80% couples, but singles that go to Hedonism enjoy the nightly parties and the open-minded atmosphere. It is very likely that you will witness a high volume of PDA at Hedonism II so if this makes you uncomfortable, then Hedonism is not the right place for you. The experience at the resort varies from week to week depending on the crowd, so it is best to talk to a Hedonism travel specialist about when the best time is for you to visit Hedonism.

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