Valentines Intimacy and Sex Magic Retreat 2018

Valentines Intimacy and Sex Magic Retreat 2018


Join Dr Nancy, Dr Mark for a spicy and sexy Valentines week in Jamaica.  The Itinterary is edgy, wild, exotic and erotic.  If you are a couple looking for some added SPICE to your lives, you are sure to find some sex magic during this retreat.  

Sensual classes each day to enhance your sensitivity and exploration of your desires, bon-fire celebrations, Playroom takeovers, Toy parties and private sessions available upon request. 


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  •   Time Activity DESCRIPTION  
      10:00 PM Meet & Greet on the Green

    10pm - Meeting the group on the faux lawn in the courtyard.  

    Saturday 10th Feb 2018
  •   Time Activity DESCRIPTION  
      11: AM Upon Arrival

    Drs Nan & Mark will have a table set up in the lobby where you can check in, pick up your goodie bag and get the Retreat intineary.  

    Sunday 11th Feb 2018
  •   Time Activity DESCRIPTION  
      11:00 AM Intimacy and Sex Magic Seminar #1

    11a-1pm - Overview of the week long retreat details and any changes that have occured in the program outline.  
    - Introductions

    - Creating individual, couple and group intentions

    - Connecting to ourselves and each other through breath.  

    - Moving back into our bodies - sensation play

    Monday 12th Feb 2018


Dr Nancy Sutton Pierce, Clinical Sexologist

Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce has an eclectic background, which places her expertise in a league of its own. The compilation of her career as a registered nurse, health educator, sex & relationship author, radio talk show host, and yoga therapist fuels her passion as an International speaker, sensuality educator, and Exotic Lifestyle Retreat CEO.   Designer Sexuality, Intimacy Communication, Sensual Movement and Exotic ~ Erotic Lifestyle Coaching; all fall under her umbrella of Conscious Living Sexuality™.   “My most rewarding work is teaching about Designer Relationships & Sexuality, Intimacy Communication, The Art of Sensual Touch, and Erotic ~ Exotic Lifestyle Retreat Experiences.  Watching men and women wake up to their full sexual energy is like watching a sunrise – you never tire of the natural beauty and they are all unique”. When not traveling the globe inspiring others, Dr. Nan enjoys being able to return to her Northern California home with the love of her life for over 30 years, Dr. Mark Pierce. Together they have raised three children into adulthood and now bask in what she refers to as “the dessert of parenting”, being grandparents to three amazing little girls.  She is well loved and respected in her community and abroad as a healer, educator and valuable resource. Earning her Doctorate Degree in Human Sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco has broadened her reach around the globe.   In the last year alone she has travelled to China (three times), Mexico, Jamaica, San Francisco, & Los Angeles teaching Conscious Living Sexuality.  You can experience a sampling of her Conscious Living Sexuality & Sensual Yoga Retreat on the Kendra On Top Show (Season 4, Episode 12). Dr. Nan is a frequent contributor for, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and several on line blogs for www.NancySuttonPierce, and She is a featured Sexologist for and is the Star of Nearly Naked Yoga on her The Sex Host Dr YouTube channel.  You can hear her live radio show every Saturday (The Conscious Living Show) as well as download the podcasts via iTunes.

The Doctors - Nan & Mark

As you know, Dr. Nan is a holistic clincial sexolgist and sensual yoga therapist. Dr. Mark is an internal medicine physician as well as a 5th degree Black belt in Kenpo Karate and a Yoga therapist. Together they have been teaching sensual couples yoga and erotic secrets to keep relationships spicy for the long haul, for 12 years in their yoga studio in Northern California, at Hedonism, Desire, Temptation and aboard cruise ships. They love sharing their passion for passion.


Hedonism II

About Hedonism
A Hedonism II vacation is not for the faint of heart but ideal for the open-minded and the free-spirited. Located on the 7 Mile Beach strip in beautiful Negril Jamaica, Hedonism II is an adult only resort that offers clothing optional or nude facilities. One of the first resorts of it’s kind; Hedonism is famous worldwide for its wild adult themed parties, night time entertainment, and nude beach games. Though there are a few other resorts that now offers a similar type atmosphere as Hedonism II, this adult playground is still considered by many to be the top clothing optional resorts in the world, especially for those seeking more than just a sunny beach location to lay out and sunbathe naked.

The Resort
Hedonism II is a 280-room beachfront resort, located in the famous resort town, Negril, about one hour away from the Donald Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay Jamaica (MBJ). The resort is divided into two sections known as the “Nude” or “Prude” side. On the nude side, being naked is mandatory, and this is where you will find most of the resort's guests during the daytime. The Prude Side is the much larger but quieter side of the resort, and this is where you can hang out if you are too shy to be naked. Hedonism Resort features three speciality restaurants, five bars, including a piano bar, five pools, the main buffet dining area that also serves as the main stage for the nightly entertainment, a nightclub, six tennis courts, a spa and a lovely fitness centre. If you are into watersports, Hedonism offers a wide variety of watersports activities from sailing on the 3 hour Catamaran cruise to Scuba Diving. Hedonism II is an all-inclusive resort so once you have paid for your accommodations, all your meals, alcohol, drinks and the use of the resort's amenities are included, except for spa services. The resort also offers free WIFI in some areas.

Who Can Go
Hedonism II allows couples and singles over the age of 21 years old. The resort normally has about 80% couples, but singles that go to Hedonism enjoy the nightly parties and the open-minded atmosphere. It is very likely that you will witness a high volume of PDA at Hedonism II so if this makes you uncomfortable, then Hedonism is not the right place for you. The experience at the resort varies from week to week depending on the crowd, so it is best to talk to a Hedonism travel specialist about when the best time is for you to visit Hedonism.

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