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Five Best Places To Have Sex On Vacation

Five Best Places To Have Sex On Vacation

One of the best parts of going on a vacation, whether with your partner or by yourself, is looking forward to having sex ten times more often than you do at home. There is just something about the weather, the alcohol and the skimpy bikinis or no bikini, that just does it for you all the time. Not only do you have sex more often, the places you get have sex just ads that much more excitement to the whole experience. Being able to fuck all the screws out of the bed in your hotel room  & scream your face off is so much fun, but there are few places on a resort that makes having sex way more fun than fucking in your room. Here is a list of top five places to have sex while on vacation.

 1.    On The Beach

Sex On The Beach

If you are a first timer to having sex on the beach, there are a few things you may want to take into consideration before you get too carried away and start banging. There is a possibility of getting sand up your cooch, scratching your knees, or scrapping your ass. My suggestion, grab a beach chair, find a rock, go in the water, or something that eliminates the sand getting into your private areas, not fun!  Once that is sorted, there is nothing better. The best time to have sex on the beach is about 2:00am in the morning when the only other people on the beach is you and any other horny adventurous guests at the resort and the security guard who you are trying to hide from. If you are more on the exhibitionist side, and you are at a lifestyle friendly resort, then sunset on the beach is by far a must do!!   Being on vacation is about enjoying the beautiful beaches, and there is no better way to enjoy the beach than having sex on the beach, and I am not reffering to the cocktail.   2.    Sex in the pool AVP_Hedo_AUG2013_3164 This is especially fun if you are at a hotel where this is not allowed. The thrill of being sneaky and naughty makes sex in the pool that much more epic. In the afternoon, by the pool with the swim-up-bar when everyone is half tipsy and busy engaged in meaningless drunk conversations. This is the perfect opportunity to sneak over to a corner of the pool for an afternoon quickie with your partner or some horny person you have met on the trip. My only request though is that, either cum inside the person if it’s your partner, or cum inside a condom. Do not cum in the pool! Sorry if that ruined your meal but had to throw that in.     3.    In the Sauna Sex In The Sauna Sounds wet and sloppy but that is what I like about it. You do not want to suffocate by using all the little bit of oxygen there is in the sauna, or pass out from over-heating so make it quick. Sex in the Sauna is the best way to break the awkward silence between you and the person setting on the other side.  O.K, maybe that’s a little too forward, so you may want to say hello first. Before opening your mouth, make sure you pay attention to body language. If the person is eyeing you from the corner of their eyes with a slight grin on their face, that just means they want to have sex. Just say hello and go ahead and ask. I would skip the chitchat because you only have so much time before you run out of oxygen. It is not as exciting if you are in there with your partner, because you loose the thrill of the suspense and awkward build up, but you can have sex anyways, just won’t be as interesting when sharing the story. Sorry honey! So the next time you are at a resort, be sure to check out the sauna. Going more than once will increase your odds of getting to have sex in the Sauna. 4.        4.    The Night Club


  “I wanna make love in this club.” That is my favorite song from Usher. If you have never gotten horny to the point of mental break-down in a night club while dancing with a person you are super attracted to, then you need to start going out. Most resorts will have a nightclub and those normally come with a bar that offers unlimited booze that you already prepaid for. Nothing gets you worked up more than music and alcohol, add a little bump-n-grind against a wall in the corner of the night club and the only way to avoid a chronic case of sexual frustration is to just get it over with right there. At this point you have lost all ability to rationalize or think clearly. The only thing that makes sense is your hormone and you should listen to what they say. This is most likely not allowed at any resort but who gives a fuck at this point. Blame it on the alcohol.  All I can say is, when at a hotel, check out the nightclub.     5.    The Gazebo AVP_Hedo_AUG2013_3890   The hotels won’t admit it, but these were put there especially for fucking. If that was not the case, why is it that every time you look at one of those nicely decorated, comfy looking gazebos on the beach, the first thing you think about is sex? I am sure I am not more twisted than anyone else. Well, it’s a good thing we do not need the hotel’s permission. After partying hard all night and drinking, the perfect place to go “RELAXING” is on one of those ridiculously comfortable gazebos with your partner, or that same person you were bumping-n-grinding with in the corner of the nightclub. Sex on a gazebo can be as romantic as you want, or as raunchy as you desire. Before diving in however, you may want to check for wet-spots, somebody could have beaten you to the punch. Not to worry though, scooting to the next one over can easily solve this problem.   When booking a hotel, make sure they have gazebos. I am sure you all have your own top five. This is mine. Honorary mention goes out to the garden and the hot tub, oh and the airport bathroom on departure to end my vacation with a Bang! Be sure to leave a comment telling us your "Top Five Places To Have Sex On Vacation."

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