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Clothing Optional Resorts and Adults Only Resorts

Whether you want to just get naked and relax, or you want an open-minded party vacation experience, let us Help you find a Clothing Optional Resort or an Adults Only Resort that Suits your needs.

For those who are a little more daring at heart, try a clothing optional resort. Clothing optional resorts have become increasingly popular in today’s world, mainly because it provides true freedom and relaxation from the hustle and bustle of the every day grind. Most clothing optional or adult only resorts are located on private and semi-private beaches all over the Caribbean and some South American Countries.
If you are interested in a clothing optional holiday experience, there are a variety of hotels for you to choose from. Each resort offers something different and you will find it very easy to find one that is perfect for you. Whether you are on the wild side, a little adventurous and like to get drunk and take your clothes off without worrying about being kicked off the resort, or you are just a naturist that likes to sunbathe naked in a peaceful, quiet and upscale setting, we can help you find a clothing optional resort that suites your specific needs.
Adults Only Resorts

Adults Only Resorts are fun. What makes them so much fun? Well, because they are adults only. We love the kids but sometimes adults want to act like kids and we do not want the kids around when we are carrying on adolescent like behavior.
There are many different forms of adult only resorts. These resorts cater to adults, age 21 and over and could be anything from a couples only honeymoon resorts, to an open-minded lifestyle friendly clothing optional resort.  AVP specializes in the kind of hotel that the more open-minded adventurous travellers are looking for. If you are thinking of trying or going back to an adults only resort for your next vacation, check out the list of hotels we offer to see if anyone of those hotels suite your needs.  Please feel free to contact us to inquiry about other options and the best times to visit any of the resorts listed on our website. 

Swingers Resorts

If your are in the open minded lifestyle community, and you are looking for a hotel that cater specifically to swingers, yes there is such a thing as a swingers resort. Swingers Resorts are normally clothing optional, adults only, and they provide a variety of entertainment and amenities that caters specifically to swinger couples. The hotels may not state clearly on their website that they are a swinger resort, but if you should check out the calendar of events, you will notice that they hosts many swinger groups each week. Lifestyle Resorts are mainly found in Jamaica, Mexico and the Dominican republic. By subscribing to our mailing list, you will also get updates on events happening at regular hotels that caters to the swinging community. All the hotels listed on our website can be considered as swingers resort, as they each host events regularly that caters to swingers. 



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